Life on hold…

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Whilst being in detention, T has had his ticket to return to Afghanistan cancelled 6 times by UKBA. That means that six times he has been moved to the removal wing of the detention centre, and had to face the thought of returning the next day. Then usually at the last minute, the ticket is cancelled and they are not told why.

What’s it like and how does it feel when they keep changing and cancelling your tickets? 
This is ridiculous, they always give me a ticket but they change it again and again for no reason. Also we don’t know if the tickets are real or not, because people going to the same place have different tickets for different days and I believe most of them are fake and they are just playing with us! It’s really bad and intolerable to wait for another ticket 2 or 3 weeks later. Some of us have contact with solicitors but some have no one to help them. When they change our tickets they just keep us here for no reason.


It’s a strange situation to be in, because although T doesn’t want to go back to Afghanistan, the constant uncertainty in the detention centre is incredibly unsettling, and he never knows whether this time the removal will really happen or not. His current removal date is set for 17th April.

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