Feeding the birds

do not feed the pigeons_Flickr bygelle_dk

I have been in trouble twice here because they don’t like when I feed the birds! I made my bread into small pieces and put it outside for the birds. In my religion we say if you respect food, then food will come to you and you will not be hungry. We say you can help anyone – humans or even animals. The birds don’t leave any food, so you can see they are hungry! I have enough to eat, but other people in the world don’t.

Flickr by niznoz

One rainy day I couldn’t go outside to feed the birds, so I had to put my bread pieces in the bin and someone else had also put some bread in the bin near where we wash our plates. I thought it was a big waste, so when the rain stopped, I went to the bin and took the bread out and gave it to the birds. One officer saw me and shouted “hey! No!!!” But it was too late by then! She asked me why I was doing this, and she said it is against the rules to feed the birds. I didn’t know that rule at first.

Some other people would love to put bread for the birds but they are too scared. I do always because I hate to see bread on the floor or wasted. The birds come really close to me when they are eating. If I help others, I think God will help me.

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One Response to Feeding the birds

  1. Syd Bill says:

    I am wondering who made this rule and why, Don’t like birds? Don’t like people to do something they enjoy? Just plain bullies?

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