prison break_Flickr by discola

Do you believe what happened last week – one of my friends got lost and 20 officers were looking for him! The officers always check our names on a list twice a day – at 6am and at 9.30pm. At 9.30pm they looked in my friend’s room but he wasn’t there. They were worried because he got lost. So 20 officers were looking all around the building. They had a paper with his picture on it and they were looking for 2 hours! They looked in the bathroom opposite my bedroom and they didn’t find him, but 2 hours later when they looked there again, they found him locked inside.

He was trying to do suicide and hurting himself and crying a lot and a lot. The officers took him somewhere else. I don’t know were they took him. The officers were SO angry. I asked an officer if I could use the microwave to heat up my food and he shouted at me “No, go away!” because he was so angry.

I don’t know what happened to my friend now. He is a cool guy from an African country, I’m not sure which one. I was with him in the morning and he was ok, but later he got upset.

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