‘your case has been refused, so we are sending you back’

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Now I am out of the detention centre, I have to report to Immigration every two weeks. Immigration wants to know I am still here. I have to go to Eaton House out near Heathrow. I have to be there between 10-11. When I have to sign it reminds me of the detention centre and everything about that time. Every time I go there, they check my pockets at security and then we take a ticket and wait. Sometimes I wait 20 minutes and that 20 minutes makes me more and more worried because I don’t know what’s going to happen. They might take me back to the detention centre at any time. There are always a lot of people but no-one talks, they are all thinking about their case and what’s going to happen to them.

A friend of mine from the detention centre was released the week before me. Then last week he told me that when he went to sign, they caught him again and put him back in the detention centre. When he went to sign, they said to him, ‘just wait there, we want to have a quick interview with you, just for 20 minutes.’ But then they told him ‘your case has been refused, so we are sending you back.’ They told him he was released before because the detention centre was too full.


He was sent back to Afghanistan on the deportation flight on 11th June. I tried to call him on that day, but his phone was dead. I don’t know if he will call me from Afghanistan. I don’t know if he has my number or not.

This week when I went to sign I felt worried because I thought they took my friend so they might take me back there. I waited for 15 minutes and I was thinking about what questions they were going to ask me. When it was my turn, the lady asked me my address and I told her my new address, but in the system they had my old address, so the lady got confused. I was really worried because I thought they might think I was cheating them or trying to give a different address. But I showed her a letter with my new address, so it was ok.

When her hand moved to the date stamp, I knew everything was alright. We all know that when they stamp your paper to tell you what date to come back, you are free for another 2 weeks. So we watch that hand to know we are safe.

Now I am not worried for 2 weeks, but I start to get worried a few days before I have to report again. I start thinking about it a lot and a lot.

I am waiting for a date for my High Court case but if they refuse my application they will put me back in the detention centre.

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