Watching a film about Afghanistan

Hamedullah: The Road Home

I went to Camden to watch a film about someone who was sent back to Afghanistan. When Hamedullah was here, he was happy, but then they sent him back to Afghanistan. He was looking for a place to live first but nobody could help him. Then he was looking for a job but he couldn’t find anything. So he was just walking around in the rain and snow and cold weather. He was filming himself and living in one room on his own in the dark. Even the Red Cross couldn’t help him.

I felt bad watching that film because I knew that if they send me back that will also happen to me. It will be worse for me because if they send me to Kabul, people will ask me what I’m doing there because I’m not from Kabul and I don’t know anyone there. I can’t go back to my village because I’m in danger there and everyone in my village knows me. I didn’t know Afganistan was like that still, with everything broken and nothing there. I don’t like to write about this things. It makes me feel sick and bad.

But I was happy that the director had made a real film about life in Afghanistan because it’s proof about real life there. People could see what Afghanistan is like and that it is not a good place for people to go back to.

I met some people who had read this website. They said to me keep writing and that I was doing a good job talking about detention centres because people don’t know a lot about what happens there.  I felt good that they had read about my life there and they are trying to help people like me. I liked to talk to them.

The film has a Facebook page – have a look!

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2 Responses to Watching a film about Afghanistan

  1. T says:

    Well Sarthe thank you and as you know who is helping me with the writing the best teacher in the world that’s what we all students call her in the college to Laura. So God bless you guys with your children.

    Thank you

  2. sarthe says:

    Hello T, It is good to write about your experiences, because it helps people like me, who have no experience of detention centres, to understand what they are like. It helps me to understand what it is like for people in your position, and how it makes you feel.
    Keep writing!

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